Winter Breeding

2015/02/20 Violet and her brood
2015/02/20 Violet and her brood
2015/02/20 - Sassy's Brood
2015/02/20 – Sassy’s Brood

It is true that breeding in winter is tough, and not for everyone. I considered avoiding winter breeding too due to the heavy losses we’ve suffered this winter (25 of the 95 kits born in January and February 2015), but am reconsidering because of how well we actually did considering all that we have learned from our mistakes, and the fact that we produced 70 live kits that will be ready to sell this Spring. Winter breeding is hard but doable if you are willing to learn from the challenges. We are converting our rabbitry to a colony style habitat for the does this summer, so its warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer for them. We are even going to dig in nesting boxes so the babies have the added protection of being underground keeping temps comfortable in both hot and freezing temps. We can’t afford to not breed during the peak of seasonal changes. Even though we lost quite a few kits this winter do to freezing temps and mistakes in our setup (we’re on that learning curve) we still came out way ahead and will have lots of grow outs to sell this Spring. Overall feeling great about all we are learning, and producing.

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